Why work with us?

Ekkremon has a unique set of skills that deliver:

  • ‚Äča completed technical review or process study,
  • a timely result,
  • an engaged, contributing team, and
  • meaningful documentation, with
  • minimum hassle.

This is because our strong, knowledgeable, skilled facilitators:

  • seamlessly manage the team process and group dynamics,
  • understand the technical aspects and operational realities of the design, as well as
  • record in real-time the problems and actions identified during the study.

This means that your HAZOPs or other technical studies are completed within time, with full engagement from your team, with minimal effort from you, and with ease.

Our experience across engineering, management and continuous improvement means that we know the territory from the inside – not just theory.

“Thanks Kathy, I’d also like to thank you on behalf of the project team for a great job chairing the HAZOP.  They are not easy to run and even more difficult to maintain interest. Your style, approach, humour and professionalism made for a very successful HAZOP. Thanks very much.”

Cobden, February 2015

The presence of a strong independent process facilitator is important.

“Hi Kath, Thanks for the HAZOP, it is definitely the most least painful one I have ever been in!”

CUB Abbotsford, December 2014

We make sure that personal views do not hijack the study, because our strong independent process facilitation ensures that problems identified are explored in a balanced manner.

Your study stays on track and keeps moving, without degenerating into a design review, problem solving session or heated argument!

One of the reasons for why HAZOP is so powerful lies in the use of a multi-disciplinary team.

We make sure your team collaborates in a dynamic workshop to systematically and holistically audit the design.  This is where Ekkremon delivers outstanding service, with exceptional facilitation, people & process skills.


  • We have excellent team leadership, coaching, facilitation, conflict and change management, mentoring and influencing skills, all of which are highly valuable for effective HAZOP facilitation.
  • We enjoy learning, and apply knowledge gained from self-directed studies of human behaviour, from various disciplines including Ontological Coaching, Philosophy, and have completed training in the Social Psychology of Risk.
  • We professionally develop our people skills through being a member of and completing training certified by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).


  • We also have excellent technical and system thinking skills.
  • We are qualified with a B.Sc./B.E. and Cert IV TAA, and quickly adapt to new industrial processes from years of experience in process and manufacturing operations with hands-on practice in engineering, production management, continuous improvement and sustainability.
  • We have frontline experience in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as part of food and pharmaceutical safety systems.
  • We have practical knowledge and hands-on experience in safety management and systems.
  • We have facilitated and documented a range of Risk Assessments, Job Safety & Environment Analyses (JSEAs), safety incident investigations, Return To Work and rehabilitation programs and been involved in a variety of safety audits.

Ekkremon has significant experience in facilitating teams in dynamic workshop environments using a variety of methods in addition to HAZOP.

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