What our clients say


“Thanks a lot Kath! Again it was great session to make aware all participants on what is to come, and due diligence our design.”

Ipswich QLD, January 2024

“Thanks again for your help, Kath. It was a great HAZOP.”

Colac, April 2024

“Thanks Kath, that was the best HAZOP!”

Sydney, February 2024

“Excellent control and flow of conversation. Ability to get participants thinking. Fun, good summary notes, great at directing focus when needed.”

Mordialloc, May 2024

“Excellent. Helpful. Very professional.”

Oakleigh South, March 2024


“Outstanding facilitation.”

“A+ = Fantastic communication and direction.”

“Kept the HAZOP moving, yet allowed necessary design discussion where required. Good job, well done.”

“Very enjoyable.”

Campbellfield, January 2023

“Hi Kathleen, the session was awesome. I was prepared to have a monotonous session but it turned to be a fun and informative session. Thank you so much I’ve learned soooo much while having fun.”

Western Sydney, March 2023

“Very professional, well run, disciplined approach”

Girgarre, April 2023

“Thank you for facilitating the HAZOP so seamlessly. The client and I were pleased with the outcome. I look forward to working with you again in future!”

Tasmania, July 2023

“Thanks again for guiding us through the HAZOP-jungle! Mit freundlichen Grüßen!“

August 2023

“Hi Kath, Thanks for your big effort yesterday and a very well-run session.   You did a great job of getting through the agenda with the right mix of speed and detail.”

Tatura, November 2023

“Thanks for all your efforts. The HAZOP was well organised and managed through the day. Your knowledge of the process was excellent and showed how well you prepared. You have an excellent reputation within Lactalis and yesterday added to that so thanks again.”

Longwarry, February 2023

“Workshop inspired good discussion and lots of ‘what if’ thoughts. Good balance of overall process discussion and specific HAZOP assessment and actions. Kathy was very engaging and helped to keep the day on track.”

Adelaide, March 2023

“Kathleen was very good at keeping people focused and attentive”

“Facilitation was organised and brought up issues that were not considered previously”

Moorebank NSW, May 2023

“Professional, dedicated, and lovely lady. You brought us an extremely informative and pleasant session!!”

Knoxfield, July 2023

Hey Kathleen, thanks heaps for your help! I though the HAZOP went really well and was really useful so job well done on your part! No doubt we will want your help again before long on our next project.”

New Zealand, September 2023

“The HAZOP went really well and was very beneficial for the project. Thanks again for your support in facilitating this workshop.”

Lemnos, December 2023

“Excellent. Kathy had obviously put in a lot of work prior the conducting the session.”

“Very knowledgeable and kept the session on track.”

“Amazing!” “Awesome.”

Baranduda, February 2023

“Enjoyed collaborative atmosphere. Managed nailing jelly to wall nicely!”

Clayton South, April 2023

“Engaged, upbeat, thorough about minute taking/accuracy, engineering background so enough technical understanding, conversations are structured but flexible enough”

Mulgrave, June 2023

“Easy to follow, well facilitated. Very positive from the entire team”

Enviropacific Solve, Altona, July 2023

“Thanks again for your help Kathleen!”

“I found it a productive and proactive exercise and welcomed everyone’s contribution”

“It was an informative and enjoyable day”

Laverton, October 2023


“Terrific.  Challenged thinking plus checked for understanding.”

“Very knowledgeable.  Knows her stuff.”

“I like your informal way to deal with a formal process.”

“Well run, good guides, positive discussion.”


Leongatha, February 2022​

“Good adaptability to a unique and challenging situation.  Helped navigate complex discussions, identified decision points and actionable items.” 

“Bought all discussions to the table allowing for great results.  Well done.” 

Dandenong South, March 2022

“Great outcomes through shared involvement, discussions from all work groups.”

“Very good technical knowledge.”

“Excellent – kept group focussed and moving along.” 

Korumburra, June 2022

“Great knowledge, good flow.”

“Kath is a legend.”

Bella Vista Sydney, September 2022

“Hi Kath, Just wanted to say a big thank you for your effort and passion in facilitating our HAZOP sessions at Burleigh Heads, and your ongoing support across this program of work.  It has been a tremendous success having you involved and driving these sessions across the business.”

“It was awesome having you attend site and help us through the process and feedback is very positive.”

Burleigh Heads, February 2022

“Hi Kathy, Thanks for your efforts today….as always a super effort from you on the facilitation front to keep people engaged and the HAZOP process moving.”

Brunswick, April 2022​

“Able to digest information well, distil key points and facilitate required discussion.”

Moorabbin, August 2022

“Facilitator’s energy and personality made what can be a boring topic engaging and a great learning opportunity for the team.”

“Guided discussion well, didn’t allow us to get bogged down.”

“Lively session – presentation was awesome.”

Fiji, October 2022

“Hi Kathy, Thankyou for facilitating the HAZOP…they were very appreciative of the way you ran it and managed to keep the Ops guys interactive for the whole day.”

Melbourne, February 2022

“Great work. Easy. Varied level of instructions to engineering and plant floor operation. Engage the whole team.”

Derrimut, May 2022


“Well organised.”

“Really clear. Kept the process interesting for the day.”

Dandenong South, August 2022

“Clear, concise, well organised and prepared. Great knowledge of process.”

Oakleigh South, November 2022

“Hi Kathy, Thank you again for facilitating the HAZOP like a boss! It felt like everyone was engaged and there was good collaboration and contribution from the entire team.”

Preston, November 2022


“Well, credit goes to our amazing host!  It’s a very dry exercise which you turned into quite a fun group activity.  Great experience!  Hope I’ll get to join the next HAZOP!”

Moorabbin, March 2021

“Really good facilitator.”


“Good range of knowledge and well facilitated.”

Castlemaine, July 2021

“Excellent. Brought different issues to the floor that may have been missed.”

Shepparton, September 2021

“It was a pleasure meeting you online and seeing how you take a bunch of information from the stakeholders and make some very relevant points in terms of learnings….Thanks for your ability to extract the core issues that need to be addressed…..”

Perth, November 2021

 “Right balance of allowing us to expand on certain topics and them ‘reminding’ us when we go off track.”

“Kathy was very engaging, kept us all awake and focussed.”

“Energy was at a good level but also detailed analysis.”

Dandenong South, April 2021

“Kath was great.  Very informative and knowledgeable.”

“Connected well with the group.”

Dandenong South, August 2021

“Excellent. Kathy facilitated really good discussion and for someone new to our unique fermentation system, very quickly grasped our processes and was able to succinctly summarise the issues and actions.”

“Excellent at putting everyone at ease, friendly, very interactive, well planned, clear process, clear communication, very good documentation.”

Remedy Drinks, Carrum Downs, September 2021 

“Hi Kathy, Thankyou for your efforts….I’m getting some good feedback….”

South Australia, November 2021

“Hi Kathy, Just wanted to say a big thank you again for another session with Goodman Fielder.  Your patience, humour and energy really make every session purposeful and deliberate.”

“Thank you for the energy, process and discipline you brought to yesterday’s HAZOP.  Best HAZOP session ever…and I’ve done a few.”

June 2021 (virtual HAZOP sessions during Melbourne’s 4th COVID-19 lockdown)

“Thanks Kathy, Great working with you for the first time!  We will speak again in the future.”

September 2021 (virtual HAZOP during Melbourne’s 6th COVID-19 lockdown)

“Good communication, skills and knowledge.  Simple language used to ensure understanding.”

Derrimut, October 2021


“Good pace, while still being thorough.  Great knowledge.”

Boronia, February 2020

“That was the best remote HAZOP I have ever done! Thank you for your support and boundless energy.”

“You are very knowledgeable about food processes and do a very good job of asking questions over a wide range of topics/scenarios.”

“I was expecting it to be boring and repetitive, however you made it interesting and it did not seem to drag on.  You were able to maintain the focus of the group (even though we were all scattered around the state) and keep us all on track.”

“You are the best I’ve worked with!”

August 2020 (virtual HAZOP during COVID-19 lockdowns)

“Thanks Kathleen – it has been a strange HAZOP pathway that we have been on.  But your guidance has got us through in good shape.”

March 2020 (virtual HAZOP during COVID-19 lockdowns)

“Thanks Kathy, Feedback from the sessions has been great, and we have captured some good actions. Plenty more work to go!”

September 2020 (virtual HAZOPs during COVID-19 lockdowns)

​”Outstanding level of enthusiasm over a long period of time with no backup presenter combined with very sound engineering/processing knowledge.”

“…thank you very much for all the effort from you for this HAZOP, particularly since it was done online!  I am glad you were there to facilitate – it may not have gone as well without your unique facilitation!”

May 2020 (virtual HAZOP during COVID-19 lockdowns)


“Much appreciated – this JSEA session was well organised and facilitated.” 

“Very clear and enjoyable session.” 

“Practical and down to earth.” 

“Excellent as usual.”

Campari Derrimut, February 2019

“Excellent facilitation, good energy, good timekeeping.”

Clayton South, December 2019

“Had a debrief with the GOI team regarding the recently conducted HACCP assessment….Consensus was that Kathleen did a great job of facilitating and keeping the motivation up and all of us on track.  Although she is known for her HAZOP facilitation, we thought that her questioning for clarification was useful and prompted discussion.”

Allansford, May 2019

“Well done Kathleen, well done!  I liked the way you kept track of the discussion and ensured actionable minutes.”

“Excellent – well controlled and directed, keeping players on track.”

NSW, October 2019


“Wonderful, remained on topic but maintained a ‘fun’ vibe.  Relieved it wasn’t dry and boring. Great jokes and energy.”

“Very knowledgeable presenter, clear summary of principles of HAZOP.  Kept pace moving forward.”

Mt. Gambier, February 2018

“Excellent delivery.  Excellent facilitator. 10/10”

Fiji, July 2018

“Flexible, organised, fast-paced, excellent performance, 10/10”

Cobram, May 2018

“Informative and great to share the knowledge and ideas on how to improve the process – excellent job.” 


“Prior industry experience helped interpretation and facilitation immensely.” 

“Brilliant – thank you!”

Longwarry, November 2018

“Straight to point, relative freedom to brainstorm ideas while still undergoing HAZOP structure.  Very open, positive and creates open & comfortable environment.  Knew when to take conversations offline, kept us on time and on track.  Excellent, right amount of emphasis on each point.  Hope to use for future HAZOPs”

Montrose, July 2018


“Inclusive of everyone.  Very knowledgeable.  Kept things moving.”  

“Informative and helpful.”  

“Clear and concise.”

Geelong, February 2017

“Flowed well and outcomes positive.”  

“Good energy.”  

“Knowledgeable and efficient.”

“Good, strong, thorough performance.”

Geelong, March 2017

“Thanks Kathy, As usual you did a great job and everyone contributed…… you run a great HAZOP and as always its very much appreciated by all.”

Fonterra Stanhope, July 2017


“Thanks again for your help, guidance and good humour in going through this HAZOP.”

Sydney, February 2016

“Engaging, relaxing & humorous, kept me awake and focused.  Very interactive, informal.  The minutes were accurate, good group buy-in and support.”

“Great facilitator, best we have had in a long time.”

Bega NSW, April 2016

“Efficient, focused & clear presentation.” 

“Kathy assisted the flow of the HAZOP and kept it on track.”

Melbourne, March 2016

“Kathy, You did an outstanding job – very structured, focused, organised and when required, cracked the whip!”

Stanhope, May 2016

“Hi Kathy, Thank you for facilitating.  We want to feedback that the whole team thinks you were excellent and made the HAZOP really interesting and productive.  Everyone participated well!  Many thanks – we will be talking to you about the next project.”

Derrimut, March 2016

“Very good – good blend of energy and knowledge that made the entire event easy to move with.”  

“Would use you again.”

South32 Cannington FIFO mine site Qld, Dec 2016


“Great facilitator.” 


Laverton North, January 2015

“Very informative and was good HAZOP leader/chairperson for the group.  Kath pushed all attendees to think.”

Clayton South, May 2015

“Very professional, and industry based background was useful”

Morwell, July 2015

“Thanks Kathy, I’d also like to thank you on behalf of the project team for a great job chairing the HAZOP.  They are not easy to run and even more difficult to maintain interest.  Your style, approach, humour and professionalism made for a very successful HAZOP.  Thanks very much.”

Cobden,  February 2015

“Dear Kathleen, Just a quick note of thanks for your efforts last week, no one went to sleep, no one punched anyone, the chooks got the left-overs, good result all round.   Ekkremon!

Leongatha, May 2015

“Very knowledgeable & maintained a high level of attention form participants during the HAZOP”

AGL/Caltex Tullamarine, March 2015

“Great!  Facilitated well, asked good questions to provoke out of the box thoughts.”

VISY Reservoir, June 2015

“Very thorough and everyone given the opportunity to speak and convey ideas.  Good open forum.”

Abbotsford, November 2015


“Very professional and effective.  Good control of process.  Kept discussions relevant.  Kept moving without being superficial…and without killing option investigations.  Good preparation of documents”

Ballarat, February 2014

“Thanks to Kathleen for conducting this HAZOP study, and guiding us with her knowledge in this area.  But also for adding some humour, and getting us to laugh so time passed fast”

Irwin Stockfeeds Lang Lang, August 2014

“Clear and professional”

“Excellent facilitation” 

“Very organised and clear” 

“Well prepared”

Melbourne, April 2014

“Well structured to ensure all avenues are explored and all possible problems are covered.” 

“Great level of understanding of the facilitator to quantify issues and actions in the minutes”

GlaxoSmithKline, Sydney NSW, October 2014

“I really liked the discussions that the session has opened up between different departments and people”

Leeton NSW, June 2014

​”Thanks for the HAZOP, it is definitely the most least painful one I have ever been in!”

CUB Abbotsford, December 2014


“Well facilitated again – kept the day moving and well minuted as we went.  Enjoyed the day as per previous HAZOPs completed with you.  Again outstanding!”

Koroit, February 2013

“Excellent facilitator.  Kept everyone in line and knew her stuff”

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Cobram, August 2013

“Confident, good guide words, good prompting, good explanation and introduction to a HAZOP for those that haven’t attended before”

Rowville, May 2013

“Fantastic presentation style, kept it moving and interesting”

Bega Cheese Coburg, May 2013


“Excellent, no fuss, to the point.  Very knowledgeable.  Had control of HAZOP team and good timing”

Colac, February 2012

“Great facilitation.  Great interaction with the team.  Keeps process going.”

Strathmerton, July 2012

“Very impressed with technical knowledge of facilitator.  This HAZOP was well structured and generated good group discussion”

Stanhope, February 2012

“Very easy to follow process and good presentation” 

“Great, energetic, exciting, skilled”   

“Good understanding of what was being discussed.  Very organised and structured and kept the group on track”  

“Again excellent – led team and kept to direction.”

Melbourne, May 2012.


This HAZOP session “was painless and very direct and to the point.  Was kept moving and interesting”

Tatura, March 2011

“Well run as usual.  Once again able to relate to the process and talk the language of the participants”

Cororooke, May 2011

“AGAIG – As Good As It Gets!”

Leongatha, June 2011
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