What to expect

All too often, HAZOP studies can get lost in stifling spreadsheets and rigid databases with the sole purpose of “ticking the box”.  What a waste!

When expertly facilitated, the real value of HAZOP can be delivered – the outcomes:

  • The problems found and fixed at the engineering design stage.
  • The improved safeguards for the protection of personnel, public, property, product and the planet.
  • The risks understood and managed.
  • The cross-functional barriers broken down from organic, free-flowing discussions.
  • The learning achieved by the team.
  • The creative problem solving.
  • The improved communication between stakeholders.
  • The enhanced teamwork and respect.

We believe that well facilitated HAZOPs have the power to deliver outstanding results through people & process, not only for your immediate project, but also for the entire site and ultimately your industry as a whole.

When you work with Ekkremon, you can expect:

  • Prompt, professional and personalised service.
  • A collaborative approach to developing the HAZOP Agenda.
  • Engaging, dynamic and flexible facilitation of the HAZOP Study, without compromising the integrity and rigour of the HAZOP method.
  • Efficient, accurate and concise recording of the problems and actions identified during the study.
  • A documentation package delivered at the close of the HAZOP – ready for your action – no delays.
  • The utmost respect for confidentiality.

“Hi Kathleen,
Thanks again for your flexibility and quick turnaround on the HAZOP – it is much appreciated.”

Abbotsford, November 2015

As technical process facilitators, Ekkremon will:

  • Not try to take over your project.
  • Not tell you what you already know.
  • Not disrespect or demotivate your team.
  • Not waste your time.

We take a practical (ahead of theoretical) approach to risk.

We take a pragmatic (ahead of academic) approach to operations.

We understand that risk is relative (not absolute) and ​the perception of risk is subjective (not objective).

We understand that humans do not behave like machines, are fallible, social and a-rational.  Human decision making often has more to do with social arrangements, and our routines, habits and heuristics, than with a conscious thinking process.

In summary, you can expect RESPECT:

Given that the HAZOP study is a team based event and is purely qualitative and experiential, our approach and understanding mean that we deliver an outstanding HAZOP package.

Our facilitation services are built on strong Lean and Green foundations.

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